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General Terms and Conditions for Feldenkrais Post Grad Studies Zürich

Please note the following conditions for seminar registration:

Finalizing Registration

Signing up for a course is finalized when email registration or registration per Post is received.

Sign-up via Email or via Post

When you send a registration via Internet or via Post you acknowledge that you have read and accepted the General Terms and Conditions for Feldenkrais Post Grad Studies Zürich. As a Feldenkrais practitioner, you acknowledge that you have graduated from a Feldenkrais Professional Training Program, or have the required 90 days of training if you are doing a “Cross-over” to become a full member of the Feldenkrais Guild.

Registration Confirmation and Payment

The bill, registration confirmation and specific seminar information will be sent to you via normal mail within one week after we receive your registration. Contact us if you do not receive this right away or if you have any questions.

General Terms and Conditions

  1. The contract for participation at a particular seminar is complete when the applicant receives written confirmation from the organizer that his/her application has been accepted. Those taking part in the on-going training sessions receive a special contract. The legal right of the applicant to have his/her application accepted is subject to conditions whereby, in the case of a limited number of available places, the organizer will reply to applications on a first come first served basis. The organizer is entirely free in choosing which applications to accept. Participants are not entitled to exchange course places between one another. For each individual course an “Einzahlungschein” with our Bank information will be included in the letter you receive from us after registering. This fee must be transferred to the appropriate account, otherwise the application will not be considered. The organizers reserve the right to call a course off if they do not receive a previously calculated minimum number of applicants within the allotted application period.
  2. In the event of a course having to be cancelled or called off by the organizer due to unforeseeable circumstances the applicant and therefore participant is only entitled to be reimbursed with course fees that have already been paid and not used up by the participation in previous segments.
  3. In the event of a practitioner canceling his/her participation at a course, irrespective of the reason, he/she is entitled to be reimbursed with the following percentage of the course fee:
    100% if the cancellation occurs 8 weeks before the start of the course.
    50% if the cancellation occurs between 4 and 8 weeks before the start of the course.
    30% if the cancellation occurs between 2 and 4 weeks before the start of the course.

    In the event of an even later cancellation the full course fee minus the costs saved by the organizer must be paid. A handling charge of CHF 50.- must be paid irrespective of the time of cancellation.
    Lessons from which the participant was absent will not be reimbursed, regardless of the reason for the absence. In such cases the organizer has the right to claim the full course fee as long as nothing has been explicitly agreed to in writing or the participant can not prove that the organizer has incurred no or little damage as a result of his/her non-participation.
    Cancellations and withdrawals are only acceptable if addressed to the organizer in writing.
  4. Clients who are participating in a practice-oriented seminar have the possibility to cancel their participation at any time.
  5. The participants take part and are present in the course rooms at their own risk. All exercises and demonstrations carried out by participants on themselves or others are done so at the participant´s own risk. Any claims for damages against the course instructor and/or organizer are invalid, unless gross negligence or intention can be proved. If a participant injures a third-party or another participant during the course then he/she is liable to standard legal proceedings.
  6. Should the organizer help course participants to find accommodation, he is not responsible for any shortcomings of the hotel/bed and breakfast. The organizer is in no way responsible for finding the cheapest possible accommodation.
  7. I hereby promise that all media recordings (Audio-, Video-, Photo) that I may have taken during any FPGS seminar, is for my personal learning purposes only. This is true for all learning materials (CDs, DVDs, written materials), that I have received/or may receive from Feldenkrais Post Grad Studies. I am aware that the above mentioned learning materials are the intellectual property of the teachers who present the materials. Any unauthorized reproduction is illegal and can have legal consequences.
  8. The course participants acknowledge that by participating in the course they are subject to the ethical guidelines of the professional code of conduct of the Swiss Feldenkrais Association. These can be accessed via the following link: www.feldenkrais.ch/ethische-grundsaetze (see in Art. 4 ff).