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Welcome to Feldenkrais Post-Grad Studies Zürich

Nancy Aberle and Wolfgang Steinmüller, M.D. have founded Feldenkrais Post-Graduate Studies and are offering practice-oriented seminars for Feldenkrais practitioners.

Nancy Aberle

Nancy Aberle, www.feldenkrais-nancy-aberle.ch, has a full-time Feldenkrais and «Anat Baniel Method® for Children» (ABM™NeuroMovement®) practice in Zurich.

She is the only person in Europe who offers WORKING WITH CHILDREN seminars as advanced training for Feldenkrais practitioners.

These seminars include theory and techniques from «Anat Baniel Method® for Children», based on the work of Dr. Feldenkrais” and are designed to meet the growing demand for Feldenkrais practitioners who can work effectively with babies and children with special needs.

Dr. med. Wolfgang Steinmüller

Dr. med. Wolfgang Steinmüller, www.wolfgang-steinmueller.de, is a medical doctor and one of the first students of Mia Segal.

He has been using the Feldenkrais Method in his medical practice since 1989.

He is an assistant trainer and has given advanced trainings for practitioners since 1994. The “Modular-Practice-Training Program” has developed out of his experience supervising practitioners to improve their daily practice.

Practice-Oriented Learning

Our seminars are designed for experienced practitioners who want intense exchange with teachers who can help them noticeably improve their work. It is also for new graduates who want to deepen their basic understanding of this work and who seek effective support as they begin their profession as Feldenkrais practitioners.

Guest Teachers

We invite trainers of the Feldenkrais Method to Zürich who have had a very strong influence on our effectiveness as practitioners because they themselves are active in their practice, are innovative, and stay close to the fundamental principles of working with this method.